Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Creation and My 1st GIVEAWAY!!

So, fall is in the air...the crisp chill, the crunching leaves under my feet...oh, wait a minute...that's not's only the first of August...still hot and humid!! Oh, well...I can dream, can't I?

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year, so when I was deciding what to create today, I decided to start preparing for one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. So, I pulled out the box of tote bags and here's what just came off the embroidery machine:

  • This little gem is in my Etsy Shop, but after I posted it, I got to thinking...hmmmmm...I'd like to do a giveaway for those of you crazy enough to following my ravings here; so here's the deal!!

* Post a comment about anything in my shop and get one entry

* Follow my blog, you'll get two entries, (just add two comments with the date you started following

* Twitter about my giveaway, and you'll get three additional entries (just leave 3 comments with the link to your Tweet

* Blog about my giveaway and I'll not only give you 4 entries, but I'll also feature your blog here and in the shop announcement for my Etsy shop! (simply leave 4 comments with your blog link and the date you promoted)

So, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "What's in it for me?" Well, when the giveaway ends on August the 15th, I'm going to select 3 people at random to receive a free custom embroidered Trick or Treat bag just like the one above! Of course it will have the name of your choice on it, and I'll even do a different design if you want : ))

Just a quick note, you don't have to comment about the Trick or Treat bag, you can comment about anything you see in my shop that you like!

OK...that's enough for today!! Have a fabulous Sunday and be creative!!


  1. I love love love the personalized baby bibs! :D They would make great new baby gifts. Awww....

  2. i love the diva burp cloth! my baby is a puker, so this would be wonderful!!!! :)

    following your blog as of today! xoxox

  3. Personalized Retractable Badge Reel with Interchangeable Buttons- i love how absolutely versatile this is!

  4. I have blogged about your giveaway here. Near the end of this post




    Looking forward to being featured in your blog!

  8. Personalized Monogrammed Purse Hook - Never Leave Your Bag on the Floor Again is a Lovely idea!

  9. following your blog since today!

  10. following your blog since today!

  11. Love the :

    Ultra Cute Diaper Diva Burp Cloth